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What fragrances do you prefer?

26 January 2016

The notes of new fragrances of Atlantica perfume line get revealed!

The notes of new fragrances of Atlantica perfume line get revealed!

Music is the best analogy for the art of perfumery. The terminology itself reflects the close relationship between the world of music and the word of fragrances - chords, top notes, base notes, harmony, composition, sound. It is difficult to find someone who does not listen to music. But we come across fragrances more often! However, there are more people privy to the secrets of music than those who have subtle and professional understanding of fragrances. We decided to contribute to changing such an unjust situation for the better!

Dilis Parfum company carried out a unique examination “Reveal all notes of fragrances” and asked ordinary people to try on the role of perfume experts. Nothing of the kind had ever been done in our country before! Anyone interested could apply to participate in the qualifying round, we imposed neither gender nor age restrictions on potential experts. It is interesting that the men wishing to act as experts were not few.

The examination was carried out in two stages. At the first stage 140 people were selected at random; these people were to get to know new fragrances of Atlantica perfume line by Dilis Parfum – women’s fragrances Atlantica femme Belle, Atlantica femme Violet and men’s fragrance Atlantica Mercury. 10 bloggers who write about fashion and beauty, cosmetics and perfumes were specially invited to participate in the project.

For the purpose of the examination we deliberately chose the new products yet unknown to anyone. Each of the products has its own fascinating #FragranceMelody. It should be reminded that Atlantica perfume line is a joint project of Dilis Parfum and music group Atlantica. From the very beginning our French colleagues-perfumers have been creating fragrances that are in tune with compositions of Atlantica group. Atlantica group leader Alex David is in France now and is finishing the video to the song named Mercury, but even the tight schedule of the musician did not prevent him from closely following the progress of the project, especially since it is men's eau de toilette Atlantica Mercury which participated in the expertise.

So, on the New Year’s eve our potential experts received the boxes with fragrances, instructions and tasks.

Photo by Marya Volchetckaya

The instruction described how to gradually reveal the fragrance to discover all its notes – top, middle and base ones. And at first glance the task may seem quite easy – to place the notes in the right order. Indeed, isn’t it a piece of cake?? Moreover, a hint was provided – a general list of the notes of all three fragrances. Does it sound easy? Try it for yourself!)

We went on to read the reviews with much interest:

“Based on color Atlantica femme Violet caught my attention among female perfumes. Violet color holds a lot of interesting and unpredictable promises, it is the color of twilight, the color which is cold and warm at the same time, it is the color of calmness, luxury and mystery ... A slightly sweet smell of fresh berries: blueberry and blackberry which have just ripped, a cooling sweetness of blackcurrant with delicate floral bouquet of iris and blue tall glass evoke dreams of summer, of that remarkable season with nights so short and so warm that one shouldn’t waste time sleeping ... “

“Pale pink Atlantica femme Belle greeted me with juicy raspberry fragrance containing fresh notes of apple gradually turning into a duet of violet with roses and revealing a vanilla dry base. It is the very spontaneity, daring and playful, charming and affectionate – this is the smell of youth – playsome and dreamy, happy and romantic ... “

“It’s a sweet and alluring day dream. Feelings of the extreme. This fragrance makes my heart beat faster. It increases my pulse rate. Violet is a passion, liveliness, weary anticipation of something more. It makes you want to taste something unknown, entices you to go where noone has gone before, towards new experiences. To break away from boring everyday routine. To stay young forever and to enjoy every moment! ... “

“Atlantica Mercury is a new product for men which blew me away. I open my secret: there is no need for words, I’ll follow this base to the ends of the earth ... “

"A flurry of freshness of berries! The feeling of a festive, of spring. When everything wakes up. Youth.

And perhaps summer, childhood, flight, dreams, believing the most beautiful fairy-tale. The sea, sun reflection in salt water, splashes of sunlight.

Or waltz? Puffy skirts. You are soaring, dashing on, going round and round on small heels. Knowing that strong hands hold you tight and won’t let you go …

Surprisingly, the next day the fresh fragrance of blackberries is still on the skin.

Tasty, sweet. Atlantica femme Belle is a choice for a summer day, with a light breeze ... “

In addition to the outstanding perfume talents and amazing imagery, emotional texts, the project participants took wonderful, bright pictures.

Photo from left to right by Olga Trofumuk, Ilya Trifonenkov, 
Olga Semynina, Marya Volchetckaya, Yana Voitehovskaya 

By the end of the contest the jury faced a very difficult task – to choose the best review. First the technical aspects of the reviews were assessed by the number of notes determined correctly. Then heated debates of the jury and assessment of the creative component of the examination followed. And now, we know all the winners!

On websites of social networks of DilisParfumBelarus the work of Marina Voronovich-Sukhovarova is named the best among the works of the participants of the contest.

The following persons were named winners in  “Other Minsk“ Community in social network VKontakte:

1 place Yulia Naley
2 place Inna Gennadievna
3 place Gennady Sharkov

The winners chosen on BolshoyFasionMarket site are as follows:

1 place Yana Voytekhovskaya
2 place Olga Trofimuk
3 place Julia Labinskaya

The review by Ilya Trifonenkov was recognized as the most accurate and interesting review among bloggers.

Finally, the following persons are the winners on DIVA.BY site:

1 place ФеЯ Medvedok Tatiana
2 place nadyavet Zhidyalis Nadezhda
3 place indian_cane Bratkovskaya Veronica

We are grateful to all the participants of the project for the attention, for the time they dedicated to the fragrances, for their exceptionally artistic reviews!

The world of fragrances tolerates no vanity; one can hear perfume notes the same way they hear musical notes; you should just dive yourself into them and let Fragrance Melody (#МелодияАромата) sound in your heart.

The reviews are available for everyone interested by hashtag #МелодияАромата.

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